Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedded Bliss...

It's official... josh and i have been married for 28 days!! Can you believe it?!?!
Time really has been flying by! Hence the no posting for a month and a half!! I wanted to get up some pictures of the wedding, reception, honeymoon, new apartment, and everything, but we will just settle for some wedding ones today. Our photographer Brooke Mack is almost done with them. She did such a wonderful job!! Here are some of her photos from the big day.

I Love this picture of the rings!! I think it's really cool.... and i of course just love my ring :) Good job joshy!!

but THIS picture is my FAVORITE!!! One of my favorite things about the Bountiful Temple is THIS VIEW... so i'm so glad we got it!! Josh is just sooo adorable I can't even get over it.

Anyway, we are just happy and in love!! Life is a constant stream of working, insurance, school registration, and many other things, but we keep things fun by doing the following:

1. rollerblading and long boarding along the green belt
2. going to cheap movies right by our house
3. eating noodles and other yummy food at Panda
4. reverting to our childhood by playing Crash Bandicoot... josh plays while I scrapbook and make things. It's a good system
5. stealing the PS2 from the Davis household
6. watching FRIENDS and decorating our apartment
7. Laughing all the time
8. trying to beat each other home from work so we can be there when the other gets home
9. teaching josh to LOVE the new shams and decorative pillows (he is still not quite there)
10. visiting with our families
11. going to the library and checking out fun books and dvds for FREE

Life is great!! More pictures to come of a recent Boise Burn Indoor Football Game! Third row tickets thanks to Jeff and Amy!! Also, camping with the fam and the new davis residence!! Thanks for all the love and support!!

p.s. i am officially Heather Larynn Davis on all my identification... and i LOVE It.