Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ONE YEAR down, eternity to go!!

Yes, that's right folks... it has been ONE AMAZING YEAR since Josh and I tied the knot!! July 1!!!! I can't even believe it. Part of me feels like it was so long ago, and the other feels like it was just yesterday. All I can say is, it truly was one of the most amazing years of my life!! The great times, the hard times... love it all. I am so grateful for how much closer we were able to grow together and to the Lord. We have gotten to do some pretty crazy things, and I love that we get to spend it all together!! Here are a few photos from a year ago...

I love Josh so much!! He is such an amazing strength to me!! You all know just how emotional I can be... haha... and Josh handles it like a Champ. I love watching him grow and be the leader of our family. Thank you Joshy for being the reason I get up everyday! You are seriously the absolute best part of my life, and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have you!! I love you so much!!! muah muah muah. Happy 1st Anniversary babe.

As for posting... YES i am behind. haha. but I will have to catch up later this weekend. Memorial Day weekend, Lindsay's wedding, future plans... it will all come soon enough.

Love you guys!! Thank you so much for your support and love! We couldn't have done it without you!!

Here is to another amazing year!!