Sunday, October 19, 2008

True Love in Seattle....

"The Rainy City". "The Emerald City". "Home of Seattle Grace Hospital and the most gorgeous doctors west of the Mississippi". "Setting of wonderful movies such as Sleepless in Seattle". Whatever you want to call it... I call it PERFECTION.

That's right, this last weekend we got to go to Seattle, and it was just what the doctor ordered. The break from work, the time with Josh, mom and sister, seeing some of my best friends again, and sending Jenna off into wedded bliss... the whole trip was awesome!

We got to go to the Temple when Jenna went for the first time. Then we ate lunch at this amazing place called Whole Foods. After that, it was a boat ride around the harbor!! The wedding day was just as great. With the temple, the pictures, the ring ceremony, and the dinner. What a great weekend.

Prepare for A LOT of pictures.... cuz here are some photo highlights from everything we were able to do!

(ok, ok, so some of these pictures are stolen :) Thank you for your contribution...)

Mom and I enjoying Pike's Place!! It was so fun to spend time with her!

Fellow Brideslave Meggie and I... she is of course rocking the hairnet...

The Bridesmaids (and Bridesman) taking pictures with antique luggage through the streets of Seattle... classic jenna :) it turned out great.

Mom and I on the harbor cruise


Jenna and Swave taking off at the end of the night.

Most adorable Joshy and I after the Seattle Temple

The amazing skyline of Seattle.

Meggie, Beni, and Trev being naughty on the Booze Cruise... BOOZE CRUISE '08!!!

Wow, I just can't get enough of this boy....

The Marrieds!!!

Freezing in the streets of Seattle with my girls! Oh hey hey!

Eating at the Brothel... haha. swings and all...

not missing a chance to act like fools and love it at the karaoke place!!

my older sister ally!! love her!

joshy at the temple!

Beni and I!! "you just don't know how we work..."

The Booze Cruisers

Cutest Couple!!!

Joshy is so hip, he even was rocking a FANNY PACK. loved it.

The Girls...

Of course, Joshy is the one with the professional camera, so his pictures are AMAZING and they will be coming soon! I just wanted to give you a rather large taste of our weekend!! Jenna looked so gorgeous, and everything turned out great!!

stay tuned for more pictures....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Bronco Madness :)

For our 3 month anniversary we decided to go see the broncos crush yet another team. Heathers parents let us use their season tickets which we were so grateful for. So I figured i would take my camera with me and see how it worked. It got kinda dark towards the end making the shutter speed have to be slowed down in order to get enough light to my lens so the pictures from the end of the game turned out blurry. But these are some of the good ones that i came up with. We are 3 months in and cant wait for eternity. Seattle is this weekend so we will see what kind of pictures i can come up with from there.