Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guns and Guy time... Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a good break for the weekend! We went to Bear Lake/Montpelier for the annual Bateman family reunion with my Dad, Karalee, and her boyfriend Austin. It was such a blast. Here are some highlights from the weekend.

The Family Reunion in the local gym... classic.

Hanging out at the Ranch... it was so beautiful!!

Joshy looking like a stud, shooting the guns. I think he was excited to have some good, quality "guy time" with Austin and my Dad. I know he loves me, but every guy needs some good guy time sometimes, including the Lakers game, the guns, and some muddy driving.

He was the best shot of the day! And this is the milk jug that he blasted on the first try at 550 yards away! Such an amazing marksman!!

Driving home... we loved it!!

We are getting so excited! Just about a month away from the big day, and things are going so well! We just got our engagement pics back, and are working on our invitations. Colors are set and flowers are getting ordered and everything is almost ready to go! It's crazy, but I love it. Josh works ALL day long and is doing so amazing! I appreciate that so much... we are having a blast!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving on to summer...

Well it was definitely above 90 degrees this weekend, and summer is here and hot. Here is a quick review though of some things that have brought us to this point...

GRADUATION!! Finally, after 5 amazing years at BYU, I got to walk with my sister Ally and we both graduated! She was nice enough to walk with me in my college, which is the BIGGEST college of the University. Thanks to fam and friends for sitting through the long hours of that. :) It was such a great day, and perfect transition to move home and start the summer.

Here are a few highlights from the semester too... We didn't have a blog then, so this is a little catch-up.

1. Josh and I started dating and went snowboarding ALOT.
2. He came down for the "big weekend" and proposed in Park City! It was so perfect...
3. Roadtrip with our friends to enjoy some souther utah sun.

This is what we do now...
- Josh works everyday at Impact Pest Services... he does so great.
- I am still looking for a job. Any ideas??
- plan the wedding and countdown the days (this is like a full time job...haha)
- fight about the stupid Lakers beating the amazing Jazz
- talk about how every single Jazz player could beat Kobe at anything. :)
- attempt to go longboarding and give up after 3 minutes because I can't keep up

Basically, we are just loving summer lovin...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Unfortunatly my team beat my fiances team. So its a happy sad moment, but still Kobe is moving on.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Big Move...

Well, my first blog post ever! I have long been surrounded by the blogging world, but never did anything about it. It took Josh to get it going! He made up this blog all by himself! Thanks Joshy! He is just so adorable. So now we can share all of our good news with our friends! The first big thing that has happened recently is that we are moving up the wedding date!! Josh didn't have to go to Dallas anymore, so we are getting married JULY 1!! Can you believe it?? In the Bountiful Temple.
Here is a picture...

The Boise Temple and the Salt Lake temple are both closed for the only week that all our siblings are going to be there, so we are going for it! But I am excited cuz I think its so beautiful.

We are having our reception at Two Rivers Clubhouse in Eagle. Some of you asked for a picture, so here is one...

There are just so many fun wedding plans to talk about. I think I like them more than Josh :) so I will probably be posting some fun things about that later. I can't believe that I am marrying my best friend in only FIFTY THREE days! So crazy, but I love it. Everything has worked out great... We just wanted to let everyone know about the change of date so we can see all of you! until later, happy blogging!! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Have you ever thought you found the perfect match for you? Or ever thought that you could never love again? I found that a long time ago but thought that it was just a fantasy life that could never happen. Until one day my fantasy came to life. I found the love of my life and never let her slip from out of grasp. At moments i only held on with the tip of my pinky finger but i never let her slip. She is my dream wife. Everything about her just reminds me that heavenly father is there watching over us. She has been sent her to guide me and to answer many prayers through out my life but now she is by my side so that we can learn and make decisions together. I love her with all my heart and will never let her slip out of my arms. The world would be a sad place with out love but eternity would not even exist without true love. I hope everyone, at one point in their life, will experience the feeling of true love at one point in their life and be able to love someone the way that i love now. Never have i known what it felt like or even known what love was until there was her. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Matt and Sarah's Wedding

So yesterday i was able to go to one of my best buds weddings and it was a blast. It was so fun to see matt with sarah and to see how truly happy and in love the are (still dont hold a candle to me and heath but eh). But it also made me realize how much i did not want to wait until Aug to getmarried, its just such a stinkin long time but we will see how it all pans out. :)

all pictures are copyrighted by Lookhart Photography