Friday, January 15, 2010


There are so many things I want to blog about...
- thoughts about baby
- wrapping up 2009
- looking forward to a CRAZY 2010
- student teaching
- birthdays

BUT... here we are, stuck back at Christmas!! 

It really was a great holiday!! We had Christmas Eve Dinner with my family and the Petersons! And then we headed over to the Davis' for Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning. It was a blast to get to be with everyone! here are just some random pictures to give you a taste of how much fun it was :) Alot of my pictures got deleted, but I just have to post what I have or else I will never get started.... 

Karalee and kayla... i just love my sisters. 

Tons of puzzle time!! They actually completed a 2000 piece puzzle, which i thought was pretty impressive...

The Whole crew... mom still buys us matching jammies. Thanks mom. :)

We got to make an AWESOME GINGERBREAD VILLAGE!!! The buildings were as follows...
- Ally and Karalee: The hospital (naturally, since they are both studying in the health care field)
- Krystin: The perfect little house
- Heather and Josh: The school... complete with slide and playground
- Michaela and Austin: The Eiffel tower (apparently we were making a french village)
- Mom: A beautiful garden full of candy flowers
- Dad: An impressive train station

We loved making the village... I, for one, was definitely NOT that good at it, but Josh kept us going strong.

At the Davis' we loved playing Mario for the wii with four players, and had an awesome christmas morning. I will never get over how much I love being close to our families and getting to see everyone for the holidays! It's just so crazy to me that next Christmas, we will have a little baby around!! :) can't wait!!

Anyway, since then, we have had TONS of birthdays, an awesome New Years, I turned TWENTY FIVE! (I was not too happy about this for some reason), looked back at a great 2009, and can't wait for our already crazy 2010. Maybe I will get to blog about all these things soon.

We are 24 weeks pregnant now!! It's so amazing, and we love getting ready for our little baby! Stay tuned for updates... we are having another ultrasound on Wednesday, and we can't wait.