Thursday, July 15, 2010

so much to come...

Well, so much has happened lately, that I got a little behind on my blogging!! We celebrated our amazing anniversary, Lily got blessed, it was the fourth of July, Josh turned 25, I started working again, and lily just keeps getting bigger and cuter!!

I will try to catch up later this week. I have started working again part time, and even just a couple days a week is enough to get me way behind and miss my baby so much I want to cry! Just another adjustment I guess....

But stay tuned, cuz there are a lot of cute pictures coming your way!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Two Year Anniversary... I.LOVE.YOU

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July 1... this day two years ago I married my very best friend for all eternity in the beautiful Bountiful Temple. I really can't believe it has been two years already!! When I think back on all that we have done and how close we have grown, I get even more excited for the time ahead.

Josh has just blown my mind with what an amazing husband he is. I mean, I thought a lot about what it would be like to be married, and it really is better than I ever could imagine. I know I bragged about how great he is in the last post, but I just can't say it enough!! He is the most generous, funny, kind, smart, talented, good looking person I know. He really is my answer to everything, and keeps me going. He is so much stronger than me at times and has so much faith that our lives will work out, even when I stress about planning the details out. I am so glad he is the priesthood leader in our home, and Lily is so lucky to have the best dad.

I think hands down the best thing that has happened this last year is the new addition of our beautiful little lily!!

Being a mom is INCREDIBLE. And I know Josh feels the same way about being a Dad. I'm so so so happy that we got married two years ago so that we could have this little bundle of love in our lives.

Me and Josh are constantly just playing with her and staring at her, and then one will look at the other and just say, "Man, she is so beautiful. What a cute, precious daughter we have!" We can't get enough of her little stretches and facial expressions and smiles and cuddles.

I took this picture on my cell phone the other day, and i was just dying because LOOK... SHE HAS MY CROOKED SMILE AND LEFT SQUINTY EYE!! For those of you who know me well, you know how I hate that squinty eye, as it shows up in every single picture I take. Now, it appears as though Lily may have the same thing. But I have to admit, on her, it's awfully cute.... and really cool to see a trait of mine in another human being. So weird. so cool.

Having Lily has made me feel even closer to Josh, as we work together and try to figure out this parenting thing. He is so patient as I am CONSTANTLY asking him questions like, "Do you think she is too hot?? too cold? is that hurting her? do you think she is bored? Did she kick her blanket off? is she ok?" and he constantly reassures me that YES, she is just fine. :) It's a great partnership we have going on.

This past year has had a lot of other amazing things too!!
- I graduated from Boise State with my teaching certificate and finished my student teaching
- Josh decided that he wants to do computers and found an awesome program at school
- We went on an incredible trip to Mexico!!
- Lots of our friends joined the married club
- Had a baby the same month as our good friends the Barnes!!
- Moved to our awesome two bedroom apartment
- days and nights full of laughter, love, and good times

I can't even believe that this time a year ago we were getting married!! I still love looking back at the pictures, seeing the pure joy on our faces, and still getting to feel that same feeling every day.

Happy Two Years hunny! Thanks for making it the best two years of my life!!

Can you believe that this time next year Lily will be ONE??? craaaazy....

Love you!