Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to a new Daddy...

It's official... Josh gets to celebrate his first fathers day today!!! Me and Lily are so so lucky he is in our lives, and I can't tell him enough how much IAlign Center love him. It really does seem like just yesterday that we were driving to the hospital together, saying how cool it was that we were about to become parents. Then, later that same day, I remember how amazing Josh was as he held my hand and told me that i was doing great and that she was almost here. Then, tears in our eyes, we looked at our new baby for the first time. It was amazing...

I always knew Josh would be an awesome dad. it was one of the reasons I married him!! But from the first time that I saw him hold her in that delivery room, my heart just melted for the two of them, and I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a dad like that for my kids.

So, Happy Fathers Day to you sweetie!! You work so incredibly hard for our family all day, then you come in the door and the first thing you do is ask how you can help. You change the messiest diapers, get up with Lily and get her to sleep, and do whatever we need you to do. We love you so much. You are my best friend, and you make life so worth living. Love you sweetie.

The proud Daddy..

Lily in a cute new dress for Fathers Day

The happy family...

I swear I was made to be a mom... best thing I have ever done.

Also, another huge shout out to these guys!!!

We LOVE OUR DADS so much!! Both Scott and my Dad are such amazing leaders in our families. I am so excited that Lily has two amazing grandpas that love her so much and are so incredible. We love you guys, Happy Fathers Day to you both too!!

And to end things off, here are some cute pictures of Lily, cuz if you can believe it, she is SIX WEEKS tomorrow!! I just barely had to put away all of her newborn outfits yesterday, and I was actually crying cuz she is changing so fast!! But we love her so much. She is already a Daddy's girl :)

Isn't that the cutest love bug you have ever seen...

She is awake now so much, and opening her big beautiful eyes all the time.

I am so lucky to have such a good baby!! seriously, she is amazing....

Happy Fathers Day everyone!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bath time

I just can't get enough of our little girl. She is so warm, squishy, smells so sweet, makes cute little newborn grunts and squeaks and sounds, has the softest baby skin, the sweetest mohawk, and cutest blue eyes. Her fingers are so long and wrap so tight around ours, she has an adorable little nose and mouth, and the most perfect little ears. Best of all, she is such a little snuggle bug, and she loves to snuggle and cuddle and gives the best loves. We just love her. Enough said.

Lately, little Lily found something new to really love... getting a bath. She is such a cute little wet wiggle worm. She loves getting her hair washed most of all, and she smells so good after a clean, warm bath. I am so lucky that so far bath time is a good time for her, and I think we are both getting better at it.

Look at how cute she is all clean and wet!

I mean... isn't that look total relaxation or what...

I love her...

She is even sort of smiling about it...

I can't get over how fast she is growing!! She is already so much bigger from when she was born, and I love her with her eyes open.

Little snuggly girl

I can't believe Lily is already a month old tomorrow! That was probably the fastest four weeks of my life. It's so fun to watch her grow and get bigger, but I want her to stay my tiny little baby forever! Josh is such an amazing Dad, and I think we may be sort of starting to get this baby thing figured out.... a little bit anyway. :) Her grandparents and aunts and uncles all love her so much and are so so helpful... Lily truly is such a blessing of love and joy in our lives, and we couldn't be any luckier.