Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bateman Christmas!!

Bateman Family Christmas!!

We got to celebrate Christmas again on the 24th and 25th with the Bateman Family!! It was so fun to be all together! Here are some photos to show some of the highlights. (once again... out of order)

Me and my cutest hubby on Christma Eve!!

Here are some of the girls making christmas wreaths on Christmas Eve!! A tradition...

All the siblings in matching pajamas... Josh is still the only boy!!

Our First Christmas!!

We loved out jammies!!

Mom and me cooking the yummy dinner!

Getting ready for dinner!!

Hanging out on Christmas Day!!

We got a really cool antiqued picture of where we got married... the Bountiful Temple!!

Josh loved his new goggles!!

Krys and Kay making a snowman at midnight!!

the matching boys.... haha FINALLY!

The whole Bateman Clan.

It was a great Christmas Eve and Christmas day!! We had a blast!! Thanks so much to everyone for making it so amazing... its only 363 more days til next Christmas!!

Now, it's time for NEW YEARS, moving, new semester, and jobs!! Love you all!!



Since Manda and Jeremy had to leave on the Sunday before Christmas, we had Davis Christmas early, the Friday and Saturday before the 25th. It was such a blast!! We made gingerbread houses, went and looked at lights, and played tons of games. Here are some photos from the event, out of order of course....

Here are Josh and I modeling our new coats that we gave each other!!! Isn't he a stud??

The four of us on Christmas morning... I know it's blurry... sorry...

Christmas morning!! (a little early...)

Looking at the lights and being freezing cold, but so worth it...

Bro and sis riding in the back with the door open, they wanted to get as close to the lights as possible I guess.... haha. love them.

new sisters!!

Just the typical Davis Christmas dinner... always a surprise...

The Christmas Tree.... and Our First Christmas!!

The finished house!! Our house KILLED manda and Jeremy's house... haha

Look how cute it is!!

Hard at work....

Scott and Karen have some more pictures on their blog too...

But it was such a blast!! We loved it!! Christmas eve night would not have been complete without a trip to Walmart at midnight, trading in some pajama pants for some fleece neon purple and green moomoos.... (i obviously can't spell that word). We even got Maya a little reindeer costume, which turned out to be made for a cat. But it was great!! Thanks so much for making it so fun!!

p.s. its a BLIZZARD right now. Josh and I wanted to go snowboarding, but don't worry, its a blizzard, so we can't....

Stay tuned for more pictures of the Bateman Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The start of Christmas!!

Christmas is starting!!

Continuing our lucky streak, Josh and I get TWO CHRISTMASES this year too!!

What can I say… our families love us. And we love them!! To help get us in the Christmas Spirit, we decorated our little apartment as best we could with some decorations! Here are some pictures of our table wreath, mantle piece, and our tree!! It was so fun, and really made it feel more like the Holiday season!! Especially when we could look out the window and see ALL the snow that was all over our parking lot.

Here is our “Our First Christmas” ornament that is hanging proudly on our tree!!

We had Christmas #1 this weekend at the Davis!! I will post pictures tonight as soon as I can… We had Manda and Jeremy up for the week, and it was a blast!! Stay tuned for the highlights…. Also, we have been wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas at the Bateman house!! SO i am sure we will have lots of pictures to share....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Well, this post is very late in coming, but let’s journey back almost a month to talk about how AMAZING Thanksgiving was!!! Josh and were so lucky because we were able to have TWO THANKSGIVINGS this year!!! It was the perfect set-up….

We got to spend Thursday all day with the Batemans, and Friday all day with the Davis Family!! We loved seeing everyone!! Here are quite a few pictures (you know how I love pictures) of the week….


The whole Thursday was awesome!! Krystin (after I forced her….) did the usual “cooking assignments” on notecards. So I helped with the mashed potatoes, and also the beans and carrots, and Josh’s assignment was to make the salad all by himself!! He even had to sautee the nuts!! He did amazing and it tasted so good!! Here are some views of the dinner table and the fam. I was so excited I got to sit by Josh, that I included a picture of our name tags :)

Our first official holiday as a married couple.... i love the firsts....

All the Bateman Girls... well, 4 Batemans plus 1 proud Davis technically :)


What an awesome Friday!! Jeremy and Manda were in town, so that is always a party! After some early morning shopping, we headed over and devoured the food that Scott and Karen prepared for us. We headed over to the park to throw the football around!! I was so sad cuz that is like my favorite thing to do (I really miss the regulators) but I was not feeling good at all, so I couldn’t really play. But after that, Josh and Amanda played in an indoor soccer game. The Davis Duo is quite a force to be reckoned with on the field…. Let me tell ya….

UNO and PIE... what more can you want...


On Saturday, the Davis side got together, and we took family pictures! We even fit in some “Christmas card” pictures… too bad I haven’t ever ordered any L maybe I will send out “happy new year” cards instead… do they do that??? Anyway, besides some goose poo mines in the park, it all went really well!! What a fun bunch….

Josh and I have been staying really busy lately!!! We decorated for Christmas in our apartment!! I will post pictures too. I just thought that the Thanksgiving post should be all about giving thanks and not about Christmas Cheer just yet…. We got some free BSU Basketball tickets from my boss, and being the die hard bronco fans that we are, we took full advantage of that opportunity.

We also went to my company Christmas party recently!! We had to get all bundled up because it was outside at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. It was SO PRETTY with lights just everywhere in the garden!!! I loved showing Joshy off to all my co-workers…
Josh has been playing INDOOR SOCCER a lot lately…. And YES Scott, these pictures are stolen from your blog J but I am so proud of Josh that I wanted to post them again… haha. He has quite the shot and has almost killed multiple people who have been on the receiving end of it….

Anyway…. Everything is going GREAT!!! We are just counting down the days until CHRISTMAS!!! We can’t wait. Stay tuned for more posts about our Christmas Decorations, Josh reading the Twilight Series (amazing….), our favorite new movies, and general holiday wonderment.