Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was so happy when the clock struck midnight for the start of Labor Day, September 1, because that meant it was our TWO MONTH ANNIVERSARY!! It really has been the greatest 60 days ever! I just wanted to say thanks to joshy for an amazing 2 months, and I love you so much!

Here is how cute he is. Right when it turned midnight, he said that he was going to go get us diet mt. dews (our favorite), so naturally I didn't complain. He was gone a long time, and when he finally got back, he had two beautiful roses for me, surrounded by gorgeous hot pink gerber daisies. He said "two roses for two months" and gave me a big hug!!

While I was happily arranging them in a vase, he pulled out ANOTHER gorgeous long stemmed rose and said "And one more just because I love you". It was so adorable and I really appreciate it! Here is a picture of them....

Another thing has finally happened. I decided to try some digital scrapbooking... let me tell you, it's so addicting. I only have downloaded free things, so nothing is that great yet, but here are some examples of some pages I have done.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Life has been great being married! I feel so bad though cause i just go to work every day while my beautiful amazing wife sits and takes care of all of our paper work. AKA insurance, car titles, banking crap and all other stuff like that.

For my birthday my dad gave me his old Nikon D70 camera so i have been having fun taking pictures of nature while i work and also of my sister for her bridals. Here are some samples of my work unedited :)

- 68 sec @ 56k

This is the scary dog that tried to eat me!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


ok, so happy BELATED birthday... by almost a month. haha i was a little behind on the blogging back then, but Joshua turned 23 on July 10!! Let's just say this was a HUGE deal for me because now we are officially the SAME AGE, which naturally I am jazzed about. He is the most adorable 23 year old you have ever seen. He got up, went to work, and came home and we went to applebees for birthday dinner.

Then, our families came over and we had BIRTHDAY CHAIR, the best tradition ever....

I got to finally BAKE something, which made me so happy. So here is the yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It may not look like alot in the decorating area, but it tasted good :)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell josh that I LOVE YOU so much and I hope you had a happy birthday a month ago!! :) Here are some things I am loving about you lately....
1. How you are jumping into photography with both feet and getting so good at it!
2. How you are really good and mysterious at the one eyebrow lift face
3. How you help me clean and fold clothes and are basically the best husband ever.
4. How you get up and go to work everyday and work the LONGEST days so we can do fun things like pay bills and go to movies :)
5. How you act like a little kid when you see things you like and i love it.
6. How you have the most generous heart ever and make me feel so loved
7. How you eat anything I give you, even if its not that good.
8. How you still open my door for me after all this time
9. How you still kiss me all the time :)
10. How you make me laugh everyday and are my better half!!

What can I say, I married my best friend who makes me feel like the most loved, beautiful, lucky girl in the world.... I can't wait for this next year ahead til we both will be 24!! wahoo!!! Love you babe!!!

ANOTHER occasion to celebrate was our

Don't worry, Josh had amazing plans that included candles that he bought, roses, sunset at tablerock, good food, and lots of other goodness, but since I got off late from work, he improvised and took me to an awesome bbq dinner and a movie. It was great!!

Here are the roses he gave me... Thanks for the best 30 days ever babe!!!

Also, since I am just post-catching-up here, here are some pictures from the Boise Burn Game we went to a couple weeks ago with our friends Jeff and Amy. They are an awesome indoor football team and we sat on the third row!!

It was awesome..... Until I got BEER spilled down my back, literally, like my shirt was wet, from the crazy girl behind me. But still fun!!!

Anyway, things are great!!! sorry for the long post, but we are just loving life!!! couldn't ask for more.....