Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Fun in McCall

For our three year anniversary, my amazing mother let Josh and I use a gift certificate she had for a two night stay in McCall! It was perfect timing, because the week before was crazy, and we didn't get much family time. So we loaded up the car, took our little Lily Love, and the three of us headed to McCall to play for the weekend.

I absolutely love that Idaho has beautiful places like this. I have so much Idaho Pride, and I really feel like it is such a gorgeous state. It was so fun to get outside in the sunshine, and introduce Lily to what I am sure will be a long line of outdoor Idaho experiences in her life.

As always, some photos to document the trip:

Eating our Icecream from Icecream Alley down by the lake

Mr. Safety, always using the cross walk flags (haha)

Pancake House!!

Lily Bug, all ready to go home

It was an awesome weekend. Thanks again Mama!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lily Moments caught on my Phone Camera

I seriously can't tell you how much I love this little girl.

That precious, crazy morning hair gets me every time :)

She is my absolute whole world, and because of that, I have a bajillion pictures of her on my phone. I wanted to do a quick post to show some of the adorable Lily moments that I get to see everyday in no particular order...

Here are some Lily highlights and a quick peak in to the moments you see when you get to be the mama of this little pricess...

Her new favorite game... unloading every cupboard in the kitchen...

I think she is the most beautiful sleeper

My favorite time of the week, Sunday Morning Family Snuggle Time (love 1:00 church for this reason)

Lily is really missing her aunty krystin (drinking a "baba")

hahaha this made my die laughing the other day. Lily loves to climb all over her daddy, and apparently she needed to take a little rest break

Eating with the girls


Sunday Best

Picking up Grandma at the airport...

As you can see, she is one adorable little baby. Well, not really a baby anymore, which is sort of breaking my heart, but also really exciting!! She is SO FULL of personality, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my Diva baby...

Josh and I are off to Las Vegas for the weekend because someone has a BIRTHDAY on Sunday! Wahoo! Happy Birthday babe! We will sure miss our little munchkin though.

Way back to Memorial Day

We had an awesome Memorial Day... a last minute trip to Utah. I am all about the last minute trips. In College, there were countless weekends where we decided on a Thursday night to go to Disneyland the next morning, and totally pulled it off. I loved continuing that spontaneity with my daughter, and we decided to go to Utah last minute with my Mom and Sister Krystin!!

It really was an awesome weekend... We sent to my Aunt Britani's 40th surprise birthday party, spent some time with my Grandma Helen and Temple Square, shopped it up at the Park City Outlets, and laughed and laughed with my crazy family. It was really an awesome trip. Even though it was a while ago, I felt like it was still worth documenting...

Here are some highlights of our adventure:
Of course, we had to stop for fresh strawberry banana shakes at Iceberg

PARK CITY: Then it was off to the outlets in Park City!! This is a picture of main street where Josh proposed to me!! Had to take a picture of such a great memory...

Lily is such a great shopper....

Got in some good play time with the cousins.

Temple Square with my Grandma Helen

I was so excited for Lily to see the Christus Statue. She was asleep, and right when we walked in there, I was so happy that she woke up to see it! She absolutely loved it. It was the cutest thing ever. The biggest smile I have ever seen from her, with her saying "Jesus!" (which sounds more like cheeeesusssss)

Then we headed over to the Church History Museum and checked out the interactive Book of Mormon display for kids! Lily looooved it. Here she is dressed up with my mom and krystin learning some dancing.

Learning obedience from building Nephi's shp

This sassy little face loved it

It was a great weekend... I am so grateful for my family and to live so close to them!! My Mom and Krystin have actually been gone all week because they have been driving to Alaska... That's right, you heard me, they DROVE TO ALASKA!!! It was about 5 days of driving all day long. It's like the same distance of driving from Boise to Miami!! But Krystin got a job there, and she moved to Alaska for three years! It was such a terrible, tear-filled goodbye, but it was great to reflect on this memorial trip and be grateful for how close Lily and I are to Krystin.

I can't even tell ya how much Lily will miss Krystin. Those two have this special bond, and we miss her already. But we are so excited for you Kryssy! Skype us soon so we can see you! Love you!

3 Year Anniversary

I can't believe that today it has been THREE YEARS today since I married my best friend in the Bountiful Temple. I seriously can remember the entire day like it was yesterday. How excited I was when we met outside the temple and walked in together, knowing that when we walked out, we would be sealed for time and all eternity. How overwhelming it was to have so much love and support from our family and friends. How special the sealing was. We were only 1 of 2 weddings that day, since we got married on a Tuesday, so we had all the time in the world. How handsome Josh looked in his tux, and how much I couldn't take my eyes away from him. My Mom helping me change in to my wedding dress and veil after the sealing, and how happy she was for me. Hugging my Dad and sisters for the first time outside the beautiful Bountiful Temple doors. The absolute joy and love that just surrounded us. The excitement at being an official Davis, and getting some wonderful in-laws and new sister! The absolute happiness that is found when you marry your best friend in the right place and by the right authority.

Wow babe... I seriously loved everything about that moment, and every moment since then.

Josh and I have known each other since the 5th grade, so when I say we have grown up together, that is quite literally the case. I remember being in the same ward, combined YM/YW activities swimming at Hosacs, driving around the Centennial Parking Lot together, constant Wendy's runs, football games watching you kick, wakeboarding and boating trips, washing our cars together, the amazing trek where I felt like we really got even closer, you leaving and coming home from your mission, you driving me down to Provo for my birthday and telling me that you loved me, getting engaged in Park City, driving almost every weekend long distance to see each other, and all of the ups and downs in between. It really was such a wild and crazy ride, but we both finally figured it out, and 3 years ago, we started this family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, we have this absolutely gorgeous little girl to show for it, and every time I look at her, I think of you and what an incredible father you are. I am constantly amazed at how much you love her and how well you take care of her.... We both know she truly is a daddy's girl, but I think it's so sweet that I can't be mad about it. :)

Thank you for all the trips to Vegas, late movie nights, temple trips, getting obsessed with finishing TV series like 24, Bones, Heroes, and our new love, The Glades, yummy meals at home, telling me dinner was good when I totally burnt it and it was horrible, the beautiful flowers "just because", the countless thoughtful gifts and surprises, remember everything I say and giving me things I need even when I don't remember asking for it, being so supportive and encouraging through all of my ups and downs (and we all know there are way too many to count), and for truly being my best friend. I love you babe, it's been an awesome three years, and I can't wait for the countless years ahead.

Happy Anniversary! Love you!!

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