Wednesday, December 15, 2010

4 month Fly By

Wow... Just, wow. I don't even know what to say. When I looked and realized that I haven't posted since August? I mean, BEFORE I even started teaching?? How can I ever catch up on all that has happened. Let me just say it has been a whirlwind of a few months.

Lily went from 3 months to 7 months, and has made the most incredible changes!

Josh has been working full time all day and going to school from 5-9 all night, every single day of the week! so he has been one busy boy.

Heather: I have been teaching at Renaissance High School, working at the bank a few days a week, and doing a grant program for education. As well as being a mom to the cutest little baby you have ever seen.

Needless to say, a LOT has gone on. I won't even try to do everything justice, because that is just not possible, but here is the last 4 months in review so we can get ready to post about the holidays and the new year! Sorry in advance that this may be long...

I started teaching at Renaissance High School. That is a post all on its own. But, I LOVE it. I teach every other day, but I am there almost 12 hours every day that I teach. The good thing is, however, that I walk out of school so happy that I was there. I truly am so passionate about education, and it has been amazing so far. I have some awesome stories of my students... but I'll save that for another day. I have been teaching US History, as well as all the Newspaper and Yearbook classes. I have no clue what I am doing in the journalism classes, but I figure things out and the kids are having fun. It's a headache, but I love the extra challenge. I am already developing so much school pride for my high school, and the staff there is awesome. TOTALLY a blessing from the Lord to land this job. I couldn't ask for a more perfect spot for me. A huge thank you is due.

Lily was 3 months until August 10, and as cute as ever. She started laughing a lot during this time, and we called her "Angel" all the time. She slept through the night like a champ (10-12 hours). Josh also started school this month. He is completing a Cisco Networking associates degree program, and might I say he is ROCKING IT! We are so proud of you Joshy!

School was in full swing this month! We took Lily to the Women's Fitness Celebration, and she did her first 5 K! She got her own baby t-shirt and number. She loved being in the middle of the action. Except during the middle of the race when she decided to take a quick nap in her stroller amongst the thousands of racers. What can I say, her first 5 K wore her out!

Lily was 4 months in September. She started to grab her toes all the time, and really learned to belly laugh. She is so ticklish and fun to play with. Big, huge smile for everyone she sees.

Working 2.5 jobs started getting a little hard for me at this point, plus trying to be a good wife and mom on top of that. JOSH really stepped up and proved to me once again that he is the perfect husband. We took turns cooking meals, changing the baby, and we made it through!

Lily was 5 months in October, and started sitting up really well! We started to call her "Munchie" all the time (short for Munchkin). Her personality really started to shine through, and she instantly charmed anyone she met. Lily truly is a happy, happy little girl. I do see some dramatic sides to her, which makes me beleive she has more of her mom in her than we thought :) She is such a bundle of joy.

For Halloween, we dressed her up as a Lady Bug, which was fitting, since we called her "Lily Bug" all the time. She loved it... and even wore the tights the whole time! Atta girl!


November absolutely flew by! I honestly don't know what happened! One minute, October was ending, and then the very next, December was starting! We did enjoy an awesome ONE WEEK BREAK for Thanksgiving! That was a much needed vacation. We planned on going to Utah with Josh's family, but we ended up staying in Boise because of the bad roads. So we had a little staycation and slept at Scott and Karen's house, and Manda and Jeremy flew up from Arizona! It was so fun to see them, and Lily loved to see her Aunt and Uncle!

I am obsessed with getting her things that say "My First _____", so here is her "My First Thanksgiving" bib!

This is her "I AM SO EXCITED!" Face that we just love to see!

Lily was 6 months at this point, and so much happened! She started rolling over, sitting up all the time, reaching for everything, got two teeth, got her first hair cut, and so much more! She truly is a joy, and every minute I am apart from her does NOT get any easier. I am so increidbly blessed to have my mom and mother-in-law watch her when I have to work. She really is my little side-kick already. She laughs and babbles and talks all the time. She loves her books, and anything bright and shiny. (Yes, that may include her reaching for every single diet coke can she sees).

I made her wear this white blouse BACKWARDS for an entire day. Apparently the buttons go in the back... geeze, what a good mom. :)

Lily's first hair cut at Graffiti Salon! She loved it! It was free since it was her first!

Cute little jean skirt for the occasion

All snuggled up in a car seat cover for the freeeezing cold weather.

Which leads us right to December! Karalee and Austin got home from a month of Central America, Krysitn and Kayla are coming home for Christmas, and School is out for two weeks!! Josh rocked his last final and school is done for the semester! Wahoo! I am quitting my job at the bank so I will have more time for teaching and Lily, and so I can find some balance in my life. All in all, it's turning out to be a great month so far! We just barely put up our Christmas tree tonight (gasp....) But I love it so much.

Lily is SEVEN MONTHS now! Can you believe that?? She is closer to being 1 than to when she was born! She is loving all the Christmas lights. She gets so excited and opens her mouth so wide and waves her hands around. She is loving her solid foods, and her food choices are quiet extensive these days! She is getting more and more mobile, and she is growing up way too fast for me. We can't wait to spend Lily's first Christmas together.

All dressed up to go see Santa at the mall. She loved him!

Wearing her new party dress (thanks grandma Nola!) for a work party. she was a hit!

In case you can't read it, her shirt says "I cry when ugly people hold me." Yes, her dad thought he was pretty funny buying that for her :)

Our happy little princess all ready for church on Sunday!

Well, that was a whirlwind recap of the last few months.If you made it this far down, WOW, I am impressed. You must really love our little family. :)

I will be better about updating from now on... We have had lots of other good times. Here are a few bullet points of highlights for me over the past little while.

- Harry Potter 7.... wow. no words to describe how much I loved this.
- Left over turkey at Thanksgiving
- Glee Christmas Album
- Crying so hard in the most recent Bones episode
- Listening to christmas music two weeks before Thanksgiving. no shame here.
- Seeing all of our siblings from all over at some point in the last couple months!
- singing crazy, silly songs to Lily and hearing her laugh and laugh
- Dressing Lily up for Halloween
- Moving in to a new apartment which we love
- still being so in love with Joshy and spending time with him when he is home
- watching Eclipse on our new leather couch
- soaking up every ounce of Lily that I can!

Hope your Holidays are wonderful and happy! We love you guys!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Mrs. Davis"

A phrase that I will be hearing a lot soon... because I start at my first teaching job in one week!!

I cant even believe it! I feel so lucky that I even got to interview since the teaching market is sooo awful right now, but I got a call last week that I will be teaching U.S. History at Renaissance High School! It's a part time job, which I am thrilled about, because I get to spend one or two days a week with Lily!! I am nervous to start and make a syllabus and try to figure things out, but I think it's the first step to finally getting my teaching career underway... I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully I wont have too many paper airplanes thrown at my head the first week...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Growing SO Fast...

I really can't believe that my baby is three months old. I just look back at these newborn pictures, and I have to admit that I miss this little teeny thing! But she is growing up so cute... I love her more everyday! But it's always fun to take a moment and remember just how far she has come already....

We couldn't be happier...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lily's Weekend

Lily's first Fourth of July was extra special because it was the day she had her baby blessing! The whole weekend was so awesome... we had family come in to town, and all of her aunts and uncles and grandparents got to be there! We had an amazing lunch afterwards, and a fun bbq for the Fourth. I really love this holiday, and it was so fun to have it combined with Lily's blessing weekend! Josh did such an amazing job, and it was the sweetest blessing ever. He really is such an incredible father.

Lily looked like such a beautiful angel in her white dress and booties. She was the perfect baby through the whole blessing, and I was such a happy mama.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Her little booties...

Our matching bracelets for the big day

Just after that, Josh had his 25th birthday! Lily and I decorated the apartment for him, and we spent a fun day eating lunch at his favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings, watched a movie "Despicable Me", and had cake and games with the family and friends. I just absolutely love Joshua, and I was so happy we got to celebrate his first birthday as a dad! He really is my best friend, and he keeps us all together and going strong. We love you Joshy...
Happy Birthday hunny!

A Lily Update...

Lily is now 3 months old!! Ahhh...i can't even believe it! She is so much bigger and stronger! We watched some footage from the hospital when she was born, and its so shocking how much different she looks!

- She is so much more interactive and smiley! She has cute little giggle sounds, and babbles constantly. She really tells the best stories. She is finding new sounds in her voice and new faces all the time. Her smile really does just melt your heart, and she is so fun to talk with for hours.
- She can defintiely recognize Josh and I by our voices and by sight, and there is nothing like seeing her little face light up and smile when she sees us.
- She is sleeping through the night most nights 6-8 hours, and really is such a good, good baby.
- She absolutely loves music, and she does her "dancing" by kicking her legs and waving her arms sooo fast when she hears it, smiling the whole time. It's quite adorable...
- She likes to imitate faces and sounds, and she likes it when you imitate her too.
- Her eyes are still bright blue, and her hair gets longer and blonder all the time! Who would of thought that I would have a blond, blue eyed baby! Atleast for now, anyway...
- We just love our little angel... she is growing up way too fast.

Well, once again, way too long of a post, but I never seem to find the time to keep us updated. Things are going really well, and we are really looking forward to the fall when the weather gets cooler and the colors start to change! Josh will be starting his computer program at school this fall, and I am looking forard to seeing some Broadway shows in Boise!! For our anniversary, Josh got me season tickets, which means I get to see WICKED in May!! I can NOT wait...

Love you guys!! Here are some photos of the little one to make you smile :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

so much to come...

Well, so much has happened lately, that I got a little behind on my blogging!! We celebrated our amazing anniversary, Lily got blessed, it was the fourth of July, Josh turned 25, I started working again, and lily just keeps getting bigger and cuter!!

I will try to catch up later this week. I have started working again part time, and even just a couple days a week is enough to get me way behind and miss my baby so much I want to cry! Just another adjustment I guess....

But stay tuned, cuz there are a lot of cute pictures coming your way!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Two Year Anniversary... I.LOVE.YOU

Align Center
July 1... this day two years ago I married my very best friend for all eternity in the beautiful Bountiful Temple. I really can't believe it has been two years already!! When I think back on all that we have done and how close we have grown, I get even more excited for the time ahead.

Josh has just blown my mind with what an amazing husband he is. I mean, I thought a lot about what it would be like to be married, and it really is better than I ever could imagine. I know I bragged about how great he is in the last post, but I just can't say it enough!! He is the most generous, funny, kind, smart, talented, good looking person I know. He really is my answer to everything, and keeps me going. He is so much stronger than me at times and has so much faith that our lives will work out, even when I stress about planning the details out. I am so glad he is the priesthood leader in our home, and Lily is so lucky to have the best dad.

I think hands down the best thing that has happened this last year is the new addition of our beautiful little lily!!

Being a mom is INCREDIBLE. And I know Josh feels the same way about being a Dad. I'm so so so happy that we got married two years ago so that we could have this little bundle of love in our lives.

Me and Josh are constantly just playing with her and staring at her, and then one will look at the other and just say, "Man, she is so beautiful. What a cute, precious daughter we have!" We can't get enough of her little stretches and facial expressions and smiles and cuddles.

I took this picture on my cell phone the other day, and i was just dying because LOOK... SHE HAS MY CROOKED SMILE AND LEFT SQUINTY EYE!! For those of you who know me well, you know how I hate that squinty eye, as it shows up in every single picture I take. Now, it appears as though Lily may have the same thing. But I have to admit, on her, it's awfully cute.... and really cool to see a trait of mine in another human being. So weird. so cool.

Having Lily has made me feel even closer to Josh, as we work together and try to figure out this parenting thing. He is so patient as I am CONSTANTLY asking him questions like, "Do you think she is too hot?? too cold? is that hurting her? do you think she is bored? Did she kick her blanket off? is she ok?" and he constantly reassures me that YES, she is just fine. :) It's a great partnership we have going on.

This past year has had a lot of other amazing things too!!
- I graduated from Boise State with my teaching certificate and finished my student teaching
- Josh decided that he wants to do computers and found an awesome program at school
- We went on an incredible trip to Mexico!!
- Lots of our friends joined the married club
- Had a baby the same month as our good friends the Barnes!!
- Moved to our awesome two bedroom apartment
- days and nights full of laughter, love, and good times

I can't even believe that this time a year ago we were getting married!! I still love looking back at the pictures, seeing the pure joy on our faces, and still getting to feel that same feeling every day.

Happy Two Years hunny! Thanks for making it the best two years of my life!!

Can you believe that this time next year Lily will be ONE??? craaaazy....

Love you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to a new Daddy...

It's official... Josh gets to celebrate his first fathers day today!!! Me and Lily are so so lucky he is in our lives, and I can't tell him enough how much IAlign Center love him. It really does seem like just yesterday that we were driving to the hospital together, saying how cool it was that we were about to become parents. Then, later that same day, I remember how amazing Josh was as he held my hand and told me that i was doing great and that she was almost here. Then, tears in our eyes, we looked at our new baby for the first time. It was amazing...

I always knew Josh would be an awesome dad. it was one of the reasons I married him!! But from the first time that I saw him hold her in that delivery room, my heart just melted for the two of them, and I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a dad like that for my kids.

So, Happy Fathers Day to you sweetie!! You work so incredibly hard for our family all day, then you come in the door and the first thing you do is ask how you can help. You change the messiest diapers, get up with Lily and get her to sleep, and do whatever we need you to do. We love you so much. You are my best friend, and you make life so worth living. Love you sweetie.

The proud Daddy..

Lily in a cute new dress for Fathers Day

The happy family...

I swear I was made to be a mom... best thing I have ever done.

Also, another huge shout out to these guys!!!

We LOVE OUR DADS so much!! Both Scott and my Dad are such amazing leaders in our families. I am so excited that Lily has two amazing grandpas that love her so much and are so incredible. We love you guys, Happy Fathers Day to you both too!!

And to end things off, here are some cute pictures of Lily, cuz if you can believe it, she is SIX WEEKS tomorrow!! I just barely had to put away all of her newborn outfits yesterday, and I was actually crying cuz she is changing so fast!! But we love her so much. She is already a Daddy's girl :)

Isn't that the cutest love bug you have ever seen...

She is awake now so much, and opening her big beautiful eyes all the time.

I am so lucky to have such a good baby!! seriously, she is amazing....

Happy Fathers Day everyone!!