Sunday, September 21, 2008


The second best thing in Bronco history occured on Saturday... (The first being the Fiesta Bowl, of course)
For those of you who are not familiar with college football, or my obsession with it, it was a GREAT moment in football history.

The Broncos defeated The Oregon Ducks, who are a PAC 10 team. Because the ducks were nationally ranked and in the PAC 10, they were favored to win by 10-17 points, seeing as the Broncos were only in the WAC.

BUT.... all of that was just ridiculous, because the BRONCOS BEAT THE DUCKS!!! It was a great day here at the Bateman home. Josh even purchased BSU jerseys for us to wear!! The whole family wore Bronco clothes, and we had great pizza party food!! Here are some pictures to showcase the amazing day!!

Here Ally is showing who truly is #1, BSU...

Austin apparently was cheering for the DUCKS... but he was wickedly outnumbered!!

I think Josh gets sick of me taking pictures... here is some evidence. haha.

The score at halftime!! wahoo!!

It was so fun.... and the outcome??? On the AP Top 25 Poll, the Ducks dropped completely OUT of the top 25, and the BSU Broncos moved up to 19!!! Yeah!!

Also, BYU is 11th, which is equally amazing... but this post is not about the cougars, just the broncos...

After the game was over and our nerves were recovered, it was time for HOMECOMING MADNESS!! Michaela is the baby of the family, and needless to say gets quite a bit of attention. SOOO... it took about 6 of us to get her ready for Homecoming! :)

This is her date, Brian...

Loved the Purple Satin

It was raining so they were huddled under an umbrella, so cute!

She looked like such a Rockstar, and it was so fun!!

Things are going so good here! We are just doing the working thing and the school thing and love being married! We are coming up on 3 months! crazy!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baking Machine....

ok, so that term does NOT refer to me... but it does refer to my sister KRYSTIN.... cooking and baking extraordinaire. She was nice enough to come over and bake cookies with me to break in my new kitchen aid (Which i love by the way)

We also got to break in my new aprons that I got from my best friends for the wedding, and also from our good family friend Tammee. So that was a perk. We really loved that and naturally had to take some pictures.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to krys for all her help and being patient with me, trying to teach me to cook for years now. Krys, I hope you are loving Rexburg, and I know that we all miss you over here. You are so amazing and so talented, and everyone just loves you! You made my time in provo so fun, and i really do miss seeing you everyday! Hang in there babe... i love you! The cookies were GREAT!!

Well, we are getting all settled in to our apartment! We got our couch, everything is put away, and we are definitely loving it!! Another good thing that has happened that is good is I GOT A JOB!!!!! Two jobs actually.... so its finally AMAZING to work full time!! I am being a teller at the bank from 6:45 am - 11:00 am... and then driving over and doing clerical work for a company from 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm. I can't even tell you what a relief it is, and I am so so blessed to have it finally working out, even if its just for now! :) Prayers are really answered...

Josh is going to school at Boise State ALL day on Tuesdays and Thursdays while still working all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So needless to say he is so busy too. BUT here is a cute story: The other day, I got home from work at 5:30 afer working all afternoon. Josh had done so many loads of laundry to get it all caught up, did all the dishes, picked up everything, made the bed with all the pillows that i know he isn't crazy about, but he did them just like i like them, and also lit this new candle that i got (LEAVES from bath and body works.... absolutely amazing) and even though he is not loving the scent like i do, he still had the whole apartment smelling like it, with a COLD amazing diet mt. dew on the counter for me.... he is so amazing. and we are loving being married!!

Here are some other updates in our lives....
1. BSU Broncos are doing well....2 for 2 so far.

2. Karalee came home from Utah State to visit this weekend!

3. We get to go to seattle to my best friend's wedding in less than a month!

4. America's Next top model started again... and so does biggest loser, greys anatomy, and the office. coming soon...

5. Josh's soccer team is still UNDEFEATED!!! he is amazing...

6. We are dog sitting for Josh's family's dog Maya this weekend! we love it.

Anyway, we are really happy! Those are the updates for now! Hope everyone else is doing great!!

CATCH UP.... some pictures from the last month or so...

p.s. here are some pictures from a recent golfing adventure with Karen and Amanda. Amanda is down in Ogden with her husband Jeremy and we miss her! Let's just say that amanda DRILLED josh's knee with a golf ball. Well, it bounced, and josh jumped in the air to miss it, and it hit him right in the knee. sorry joshy, it was sooo funny though. haha. Poor baby was instantly on the ground, as seen below :) Needless to say, it was a great day.

p.p.s. The Utah Batemans came to visit my family, so of course I have to post some pictures of my favorite girls, Olivia and Taylor. They are getting so big and so cute!!

p.p.p.s Here are some pictures from our best friend Lindsay's sister's wedding!! Josh and I even dressed in the wedding colors... kind of on accident, but kind of not. haha. Lindsay was the cutest bridesmaid ever! And my sisters and parents and josh's fam came too. it was a fun, beautiful night.

more to come later!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Here comes the bride...

I love summer weddings, obviously :)
Amanda, Josh's little sister, got married on August 16 in the Mesa Temple to Jeremy Pace. So, not only did I get to go to my only sister in laws wedding, but I got my first brother in law!! Manda and Jeremy are such a cute couple, and the whole weekend was so great! Here is the happy couple.

The Mesa Temple was so pretty!! It looks just like the Cardston, Alberta, Canada Temple where my parents were married, so it was so fun to go to it.

Here we are on the way to the Temple on Friday when Manda went through for the first time.

Yeah, my husband is adorable....

I was soooo excited for our vacation and to get in to the HOT SUN that I had to take a pre-trip picture to show just how excited i was...

Here we are at the airport... already feeling the Mesa Heat.

The whole weekend was great!! Manda was so cute, and we are so happy to have Jeremy now. Here are some more pictures from the wedding dinner and wedding day...

Josh was a great photographer, along with his Dad, Scott, and they took all the temple pictures on Saturday. I love Josh's new shoulder bag for his camera.

Josh has way better pictures on his nice camera of how pretty arizona was and things like that, but this is just a sampling! The whole weekend was so great! Here were some highlights...

1. Getting to pick our very own room at the Mariott Hotel, based on three different suites we got to look at. Yes, my father-in-law has the hookups :) One room even had a 16 person conference table in it, but we opted out of that one....

2. Sweating in the hot sun but taking some great pictures, a favorite of mine.

3. laying by the pool, eating midgee tootsie rolls, reading a book, and listening to my ipod = BLISS

4. In-n-Out animal style... enough said.

5. a very noisy old lady

6. the beautiful arizona sunsets

Overall, it was a great trip. Thanks to the Davis' for all they did!! and GOOD LUCK to Amanda and Jeremy! We love you guys.... Weber State, Weber State, Great, Great, Great!!