Thursday, November 13, 2008

1st Sister Trip!!

That's right folks, a very rare but amazing occasion happened this past weekend... ALL FIVE SISTERS got to go on a roadtrip together!!
We all have made a very serious oath with each other that every year we will do something with the 5 of us girls, now that marriages and things will keep happening.

1st Stop = LOGAN
I got off work early, and Ally, Kayla, and I headed down to Karalee's apartment in Logan! Krystin met us there too, down from Rexy. Here are my adorable sisters, ready for the day after sleeping all 5 of us in the same room, on a twin bed and 2 air beds.

We decided to start the weekend off right by hitting up the DANCE BATTLE at the USU campus. Let's just say there were lots of "BBOY crews" that were left wanting. But so so fun nonetheless....

Stop #2 = PROVO
We woke up and drove to to P-town!!! My old home away from home. We got to see our old roommates and best friends which was awesome. Naturally, one of the best parts of a ROADtrip is being on the ROAD together, so some photos had to be taken to document the experience. Apparently Krys and I wanted to be ghosts in this first one...

We stayed with our amazing Aunt Britani and Uncle J, and there two adorable, so so so funny girlies, Tay and Liv. Here are some highlights from the day with them. The first is a picture of Tay's "princess face". The 2nd is of Liv, making her "princess face" after just having found her prince!! i am so so so sad that I deleted her first one on accident. It was her original "princess face" which showed her head down, arms crossed, pouting that she had no prince, a pose she came up with all on her own. This picture was the result of the after shot.

We all baked yummy treats and played outside. We had quite the intense 3-on-3 bball tourney with J and all of us. Sadly, I am THE WORST out of all my sisters at that game. haha. Karalee and Kay are demonstrating how things got heated.... what what. We also got some quality "playing-in-the-neighbor's-leaves" time!

Overall, the weekend was SO GREAT. It still takes some getting used to when all 5 of us are together. While we used to be 5 cute, little stairstep-height baby girls, we are now 5 huge adult people and make quite a scene. but it was so great. ("hey, you OJ?" - thanks kar :) Thanks for all the driving and singalongs girls!!

Anyway, things this week have been good here at the homestead!!

Josh had a soccer game at ELEVEN pm yesterday. Quite late, but totally worth it. It's so fun to watch him play because he can still shoot a goal so hard it makes people dive out of the way. What a talented hubby I have :) We got to go to the Temple again yesterday, an experience that we always love!! Tonight I have bookclub, and then tomorrow is
We can't wait.
Also, only one more week until TWILIGHT, but who's counting :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween 08


We got to spend HALLOWEEN in Ogden with Manda and Jer! We went down with Josh's parents and got to stay in their cute apartment all weekend. The best part was going to the Weber State football game!! Great Great Great...

We went to a halloween party for the Davis side, and we all got awesome cheap shirts from Walmart to wear. You better believe they all glowed in the dark. We had a really intense silly string fight as well. It was so fun to relax and laugh and be with our family!!

Well, when we were in Utah, we also hit another huge mark for us...


Can you even believe it?!?! How fun to have been married for four months already!! I was looking at some pictures (from my cell phone, so not very clear, sorry...) and I couldn't help but smile to think how far we have come!!

Little did I know that I would one day meet and marry this little guy....

Then, we grew up and went to school together. This is us at EFY when we were around 15 i bet...

and NOW we have been married 4 months and can't wait to hit the slopes this year!! :)

We are doing great and are so excited to get to spend the Holiday season with our families coming up! Love you guys!!