Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break..awahooo!!

FINALLY... a break!! I can't tell you how much Josh and I needed a break. Spring break couldn't come fast enough. We went down to Utah, visited some provo besties, drove to st. george, and headed to vegas for about 24 hours!! It was a lot of hours in the car together, and we loved every second of it. Oh, well... besides the car ride when josh had violent food poisoning and was sick for about 24 hours. That wasn't the best part... but overall, it was so great! We got to eat at the Mayan with Benita and Megs, and then saw a movie. St. Geroge was really pretty, and Vegas was a blast! On the way back, we stopped in Ogden and ate at Wingers with Manda and Jeremy... let's just say there were a lot of all-you-can-eat sticky fingers there! Here are a few pictures of the weekend....

This is us at my new favorite casion... "The Wynn".... it's so so gorgeous!!

The Venetian, my second favorite... (Notice the squinty eyes... that's right, it was really sunny and i loved the heat)

The forum shops!

getting ready to head out down las vegas blvd

The girls at the Mayan... pre food-poinsoning of course! Notice all all three are BRUNETTES!! amazing! it took a lot of years....

Utah, staying at J and Brit's, heading out to dinner

Josh and Spongebob at the Excalibur

These really cool parachute things that slowely moved up and down all at the same time! At the Wynn.

Lights and balls of flowers, whats not to love!

The Wynn and Encore... both matching and both amazing!!

A beautiful waterfall!

Love Caesars!!

Excalibur where we stayed!!

Overall, it was a blast. So nice to not worry about school or work or anything.... I just can't wait for it to be sunny and summer!! Summer is going to be so so great. We have some of our best friends moving here from provo and rexburg, lindsay is getting married, amber's having her baby, school is starting, and we will hopefully get to go boating too! So many fun things to look foward too... love you guys!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well here are some random pictures from the last little while... Things are going great here in B-town. Pretty much the same, but we have done some extra fun things lately!

First of all... WE GOT HAIR CUTS!!! Crazy, I know.... More so for Josh. He really misses his long hair, but look how handsome he looks!! :) It was 8ish in the morning before church, so don't mind the squinty sleepy eyes I have goin on....

Little Kayla went to Sweethearts and I got to help her get ready and do her hair!! Look how adorable she is!!

For VALENTINE'S DAY, we went to build a bear and we made and adopted this cute monkey named Marshmallow!! haha... and its wearing something that we both love, BSU GEAR!!

Also for Valentines Day, we got all dressed up... in our sweats :) (our favorite), got some good food, and watched a movie! It was great!

We went down to Utah for Josh's cousin Jake's Wedding! He married a cute girl named Danica. Here is the view from the 19th floor of the Wells Fargo Building where their reception was...

Here we are getting reading to walk around the streets of Salt Lake!!

Ok, but the BEST thing happened on Tuesday. I had a LONG day, with work from 6:30 to 11, then school from 12-5, then back to work until 7. But when I got home, I had this little treat waiting for me. A sign that says "Just because it's Tuesday.... and I love you!" And my favorite treats, cookie dough and diet mt dew, and also the movie AUSTRALIA that had just came out that day. i am so obsessed with it.... and the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet of Roses I have ever gotten in my whole life. They were swirly painter roses, and they were so so so pretty. Isn't Josh the best ever?? THANK YOU SWEETIE!!

Overall, things are great!! One of the best things... I am going to go watch TOP MODEL right now... yeah baby.

Go check out Josh's photo blog... he is doing great work. Love you guys!!