Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins galore. Bumpy hay rides. Delicious, hot mini doughnuts. Allergies from the hay.

The Pumpkin Patch at Linder farms is turning in to one of my most favorite fall traditions. Josh, my mom, and I took Lily this year, and I was so excited because I thought that Lily would love all of the sights and smells. And needless to say... I was not disappointed.

We headed to the hay ride first, eager to get the perfect little pumpkin in her waiting hands. I think the fact that she hadn't napped that day made her a bit apprehensive at first, nervous with every bump and jostle of the hay ride. But once we jumped off and entered the pumpkin patch, she was in heaven.
It was the cutest thing to see her discover the baby pumpkins that were growing underneath all the vines. She was fully committed to rescuing each one, digging in the dirt and carry them around. She loved that they were just her size.
In the end, we found the perfect sized pumpkin for my beautiful one year old. I think she loved it.

After the patch, we headed to the petting zoo. We all know how much i love, ok HATE, animals. Sorry animal lovers, I just don't like them. Sure, baby lambs are cute, but they are smelly and dirty, and don't think for one second that I will pay a dollar to feed them. Sorry Lils.

Luckly, her daddy stepped up to the plate, and Lily couldnt' get enough of the baby lambs eating the feed. Lots of hand sanitizer later, I was glad she had a good time.

We topped the day off with some doughnuts, and all in all, it was a perfect day.

Fall truly is my favorite season. The smells, the food, the chilly air, the scarves and boots. Love it all. I am so glad we live so close to family so we can do these things with them.
Can't wait for halloween... I am trying to whip up a family costume this year, so stay tuned for pictures of that spooky event.

Y.M.C.A. with Auntie Karalee

Lily is such a lucky girl, because she gets to spend time with her Auntie Karalee every week! Karalee is one of our amazing, incredible, perfect nannies. She devotes her complete time, energy, and love in to making sure Lily has an awesome day. She is so good about choosing activities that Lily will enjoy.

A couple Fridays ago was no different. Karalee took Lily to the YMCA to go swimming, and it turns out, Lily is absolutely obsessed with the YMCA... Karalee said she LOVED it.
The first stopped to look at the rock climbing wall. Apparently Lily was memorized by the height and color. Then, they went in to the locker room, and Lily loved to crawl in and out of every locker in the row.
She spent lots of time in the pool, splashing away. Zoe and Sophia swam with her too, and it turns out, Lily loved the baby pool! I feel bad I can't take her to swim as much as she would like, so I am so happy that Karalee took her this day.
They spent some time at the gym after the swim. Karalee says that there was a super intense basketball game going, and Lily was taking it all in.

They spent some time in the raquetball court. Apparently, I am raising an athlete, just like her Daddy.
Lily loved watching the workout room as well. I can just imagine how excited she was by all the sights and sounds, and I am so grateful that Karalee took her on such a fun adventure.

That is one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Lily. She loooves adventures and new things and being happy. I can just tell that she thought this whole place was full of new sights and adventures. Being a toddler is amazing... Love that girl. Love the Y. Love Karalee... perfect combination.

She loved it so much, it completely wiped her out...
Thanks sis for making Lily's day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Babies for my Baby... 16 months!

I'm sorry, but is this my baby one year old, or a five year old child???
She is so stinkin' grown up these days... sometimes I have to check. Where did my baby go?!?!

As fast as time flies, and as much as I am missing my Baby Lily Jane, I have to say that i LOVE my toddler as well. She is at such a fun age!! 16 months is just awesome. I seriously love every day more and more. She is so full of personality and surprises. I can't imagine life without this little dear.

Here is a quick update on 16 month old Lily Jane Davis...

This little girl is obsessed with anything and everything about Babies now a days. It is the absolute cutest thing ever. She has about seven babies between the three houses, and she loves all of them. She carries them around, gives them her fluffies, changes their "bum bums" with her own wipes and diapers, puts their binkies in and out, and gives them a lot of loves, snuggles, and kisses. It really melts your heart. Whenever the day comes, she will be a great big sister.
Little Miss Mobile
She may have gotten off to a late start, but once Lily figured out how to walk more than 5 steps on a Friday, she was running around everywhere by Saturday. She is loving her new found freedom, and is definitely a toddler, exploring anything and everything in sight. She is finding new cupboards to dig through, new furniture to climb up, and new ways to get away even faster when she knows mama is coming because she did something naughty, like eating yucky things off the floor. It's been months now, and I still can't get over how cute it is so see her toddling all around on her own. She gets so proud of herself.
(And, as see below, she is still obsessed with her "fluffies", and always has at least one or two in tow at all times. So cute)

She is grown up enough to have these amazing big girl "up do's". Thanks to Karalee for this one... I love her long hair. You can do the most fun styles! I have the most amazing nannies that always do her hair so cute, way cuter than anything I could pull off. Thanks for always making Lily look so beautiful!
She loves pushing her babies around in strollers all the time. She is getting quite fast, and actually can run around while pushing strollers or walking toys. And you got to love her little shorts. I am going to miss dressing her in cute summer clothes.
Star Performer
This girl loves to sing, and she is quite good at it!! I am amazed at how well she can mimic melodies that I sing to her almost perfectly. She has recently discovered microphones, and she loves it. I am hoping that will continue and I can't wait to watch countless performances that she will come up with.

One of my favorite things about Lily is that she is still such a cuddle bug. She loves to snuggle up with mama and dada, and gives the best head snuggles and nose kisses. One of the most precious moments of my day is when she grabs a book and literally climbs up into your lap and wants to just snuggle and read. She can now say "love you", and it just melt my heart.

She is just growing up so fast, and we love her so much.

One of the all time favorite 'tricks', the squinty eye!! She can pretty much do this on command now, and she giggles and giggles so much, like she just did the best trick in the world. She loves to make people laugh.

Overall, it's been the best 16 months ever. She seriously has us wrapped so tight around her little finger, and we couldn't be happier to have her in our lives. What a blessing.

Things she loves:
1. GRAPES. Will never stop eating them.
2. Her nighttime routine, which is finally turning out successful. Awesome.
3. Going Outside. Anytime, anywhere... outside is always the first choice.
4. Num Nums. Almost any time she sits down in her stroller, carseat, highchair, she knows exactly how to ask for snacks.
5. Please and Thank Yous. She is so cute now that she can consistently says "pleeez" and "dank do" in the right context.
6. Repeating everything we say. I am amazed at how much she can say correctly.
7. Laughing and giggling. For those of you who have heard it, you know its the absolute cutest thing in the world.
8. Taking pictures and talking on the phone. Any phone or camera she sees, she picks it up, points it at her face and then says "CHEESE!" and smiles really big, followed by "Hellloooo" in to the phone. Adorbs.
9. Saying Hello and Bye Bye to EVERY person we walk by. Seriously... everyone.
10. Putting any shoes she finds on her feet. Daddy's shoes, mama's shoes, even tries to put daddy's shoes on her babies. She loves shoes.

I could go on and on.... so much to this little girl. We love her.

Art in the Park

Amanda and Jeremy came to visit for two weeks and we absolutely LOVED having them here! They live way too far away in Arizona, so it was so nice to have them back in Boise for a bit. We went to Art in the Park on Saturday, and Lily loved it. The puppies, the colors, the sunshine... it was her perfect day.

She was so happy she decided to make some funny faces for the camera...

My baby is growing up way too fast.

Lily is SUCH a daddy's girl recently. She absolutely loves every second she gets to spend with him. He has been working so hard this fall, working full time and going to school, and so when she gets to see him, she is the happiest baby. It's really sweet.

Lily's new favorite thing to do on walks... hold people's fingers while we walk along. It's precious!
The Davis Clan!! Love these guys!

Art in the Park 2011 was another success...

1st Boise State Football Game

And we couldn't be happier about it...
I can't even tell you how big of a deal the BSU Broncos are in my family. We drop everything on Saturdays and have a massive football party to watch the games, and everyone is involved. My adorable friend Amber moved to Boise in the summer from Utah, and she commented on how crazy it is that EVERYONE dresses up for BSU games... and boy is she right. You seriously can't escape the orange and blue. Case in point... even little babies love to wear their bronco colors. See the three matching jerseys below.

Kellen Moore Baby #11

Hugs!! xoxo

Auntie Karalee

Daddy and Lily in their jerseys!!

The Bronco season opener was a lot of fun. I don't quite think Lily understand football yet :) But she can definitely tell that people get excited and she loves to play with her friends Cash and Crew. We can't wait for the rest of the season.

A Night in the Park

My mom used to always take us to watch the hot air balloons light up, and I wanted to carry on the tradition with my little Lily Cakes. Besides, it combines her three favorite things:
1. Outside
2. Balloons
3. Music

Needless to say, she loved it!! A bit overwhelmed, but smiling and clapping and dancing the whole time. We went down while Manda and Jeremy were visiting, and it was a lot of fun. While I am so sad to see the summer go, I am actually really excited for fall. I love wearing scarves, crisp air, falling leaves, and how it just smells like fall all the time. Come on Boise, where is the fall?!?!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Recap in 30 Pictures or less...

Ok, I give up... It's almost September, and the fact that I am putting off updating the blog because there is just too much to update is getting worse. SOOO... the answer?? Let's just update the entire summer months of July and August in less than 30 pictures, and then I can wake up tomorrow and move on with my blogging life.

Last time I checked, blogging was supposed to be fun and relaxing and a way to record my family history, NOT stressful and something that makes me feel guilty when I fail at it. :) So I think this will be a good thing. I would just skip everything, but I want to print off the blog and have a more accurate overview of our awesome life adventures, so it's still worth it to me to catch up since I am the one who will be reading it. :)

So here you have it, our summer, in 30 pictures or less...

We had an awesome date night celebrating our special day. We got some delicious food, and then went to see Transformers. I just love this boy so much. I can't believe I get to be with him forever... wow am I one lucky girl. Love you babes!


We have been wanting to take Lily to the see since she was born, and it apparently took 14 months before we got there. Needless to say, she LOVED it. This girl is so obsessed with being outside, and the Zoo fit in perfectly. We got to go with the Barnes Family, and Lily loves playing with Max and Deagan. I think the Penguins were her favorite. SO cute.

It was so crazy for me this 4th of July because I couldn't help but think of last year on the 4th when Lily was almost 2 months old and was getting blessed by her Daddy. She has grown up SO MUCH since then. She looked as adorable as ever in her special 4th of July dress. We had an awesome BBQ lunch at my parents, and then headed over to Davis' for another awesome meal and Lily's first sparkler! She was a bit hesitant. Finished the day off with Lily's favorite, a trip OUTSIDE to the park. It was such a great holiday.

What a killer birthday weekend we had in Vegas. Apparently Josh and I can't get enough of that place. Amanda called us up and asked if we wanted to go for Josh's birthday (10th) and Manda's birthday (7th), and we had plane tickets within an hour of the phone call. The week was amazing. Good food, great company, awesome time tanning at the pool. We got to go to a show and enjoy laughing all together. It didn't hurt that Josh won us some sweet money at the slots. Gotta love the Vegas.
I am really quite obsessed with the new casino, The Aria. So gorgeous. I also couldn't get enough of these cupcake place... it was seriosuly to die for and I went there twice.
Josh turned the same age as me finally on July 10th! It was a fun day, and Lily loved sharing all of the attention her dada was getting. We were actually in Las Vegas on his actual birthday, so we celebrated with the family once we were home on Monday.

Lily Growing Up Too Fast
This seemed to happen all summer long. It was so crazy to see her go from a baby to a real, full blown toddler! I just love this little princess. I can't get enough of her adorable smiles, and for those of you who have heard her do her genuine belly laugh, you know it's absolutely the cutest thing in the world. Love you Lils!

My mom's side of the family had a reunion in Preston, so Karalee, Lily, and I got to go with her! It was fun to see our Canadian family. We stayed in these adorable little cabins literally inches from the loudest, most beautiful rushing river I have ever seen. I really enjoyed being outdoors. Lily had her first campfire experience, and it was a real success.

Big Girl Jammies
Lily got her first actual nightgown, and I thought I would die. She looked sooo grown up. It really stood out to me as a huge moment of the summer. You girls out there know what a big deal it is to get your first disney princess nightgown! Lily picked Ariel, and I was quite happy with her selection. She looked so cute.

CANADA- Lily's first International Trip
A huge highlight of the summer was our trip to Canada! Lily had to get her own passport and everything! We piled in the car with Mom and tons of stuff, and only 13 hours of driving later, we were there! :) It really wasn't that bad, and Lily was a total rockstar in the car. We got to go to my beautiful cousin Bethy's wedding, and then spent the weekend at our cabin in Waterton. Seriously the most beautiful place I have ever been.
We threw a lot of rocks in to Waterton Lake with all of the little cousins.
Lily couldn't get enough. She really is an outdoor girl. (The Lake is gorgeous, eh??)
The little kiddies playing in the truck.
Pure happines....

FALL 2011
Since then, fall has started, and a whole new chapter of our lives. Josh is going to school again at nights and working all day, so he is hardly ever home. But Lils and I are so proud of him! He will graduate in May... Best day ever!
I started teaching school FULL TIME. And let's just say, it was a hard adjustment to say the least. That should have been a whole other post on its own. I am missing my little baby so so so much, but I am really loving my students. They are totally on the ball, and it's been an insane and crazy year so far already.
Lily is 16 months now, and is walking up a storm! I really well do a separate post for some of her details because she is at such a fun age! She is really becoming her own independent little person, and her voice is found 100%. I have so many cute Lily stories to share, so I am so excited to actually be caught up now so I can post as those stories come up. I really think we are so blessed to live in an age when recording our family history is so easy (in theory... life gets in the way alot as we all know), so I want to do a better job of recording our lives and all of the wonderful blessings that we have.

Well, we made it through. 2 months in 1 post... hopefully this will NOT happen again.

And to top it all off, things I am LOVING about Fall right now.
1. BSU Football! Love the football parties
2. My Intro to News Writing Class fourth period.
3. Lily walking everywhere like a little champ
4. all the new shows starting again!! love my DVR. no appologies.
5. All of my AMAZING nannies for my little girl. Mamacita, Karen, Karalee, Raquel, and Amber. You ladies are incredible. My Lily loves you!
6. Bliss Chocolates
7. My new phone case (thanks josh!)
8. The cooler weather... despite this heat streak, it really smells like fall somedays!
9. Skyping with Krystin in Alaska
10. Daydreaming about the winter holiday season.

Love you guys! xoxo