Saturday, October 22, 2011

Y.M.C.A. with Auntie Karalee

Lily is such a lucky girl, because she gets to spend time with her Auntie Karalee every week! Karalee is one of our amazing, incredible, perfect nannies. She devotes her complete time, energy, and love in to making sure Lily has an awesome day. She is so good about choosing activities that Lily will enjoy.

A couple Fridays ago was no different. Karalee took Lily to the YMCA to go swimming, and it turns out, Lily is absolutely obsessed with the YMCA... Karalee said she LOVED it.
The first stopped to look at the rock climbing wall. Apparently Lily was memorized by the height and color. Then, they went in to the locker room, and Lily loved to crawl in and out of every locker in the row.
She spent lots of time in the pool, splashing away. Zoe and Sophia swam with her too, and it turns out, Lily loved the baby pool! I feel bad I can't take her to swim as much as she would like, so I am so happy that Karalee took her this day.
They spent some time at the gym after the swim. Karalee says that there was a super intense basketball game going, and Lily was taking it all in.

They spent some time in the raquetball court. Apparently, I am raising an athlete, just like her Daddy.
Lily loved watching the workout room as well. I can just imagine how excited she was by all the sights and sounds, and I am so grateful that Karalee took her on such a fun adventure.

That is one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Lily. She loooves adventures and new things and being happy. I can just tell that she thought this whole place was full of new sights and adventures. Being a toddler is amazing... Love that girl. Love the Y. Love Karalee... perfect combination.

She loved it so much, it completely wiped her out...
Thanks sis for making Lily's day!

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Karalee and Austin said...

We had so much fun! I couldnt believe how brave and how much she loved the water!! You may have a little swimteamer on your hands :) thanks for letting me play with your sweet girl !