Sunday, September 27, 2009


About a month ago, Josh and I got to go on a trip with Josh's family to CANCUN!!! It was incredible! It was a delayed "honeymoon" trip, but the whole family got to go! We stayed at a beautiful resort, the Marriott Casa Magna, and got to see some incredible things!

We waited so long for our end-of-summer trip, and it was well worth the wait! We got to see so many Mayan Ruins and tour some ancient cities. We even got to have an LDS guide at Tulum, and he used a lot of Book of Mormon references and really made the Book of Mormon people come alive for us, so we were so blessed to have that experience!

We got to go to the BEACH every day! (Which was of course MY favorite part of the whole trip!) The waves were seriously insane sometimes, and after I got sick of swallowing salt water we got to lay out by the pool every afternoon! So the whole week was full of pool side treats, boogie boarding, bartering at the markets, eating out, seeing ruins, snorkeling, getting an awesome tan (that has since, and spending some amazing time with our family!!

A huge thank you to scott and karen for making that happen for us all.... we loved it so much!!

Here are a few random pictures! I'm not quite sure why the quality is so bad, but just go with it...
I just couldn't get enough pool time...

Josh hates laying out, but he let us stay at the pool for many long hours. Thanks babe!

Getting ready to leave...

Here we are in front of a huge temple at Coba. YES, i really am wearing that hat. My sunburnt cheeks could NOT take one more minute of sun by the end...

This is the view from outside of our hotel room!!

Beach Lovin....

Chichen Itza! This is one of the world wonders!! So so impressive when you walk up to it...

Snorkeling at an outdoor water park... Yes, we saw some baracudas and yes i was freaking out.

Nights in the town

The beautiful Cancun road where we caught the bus

Getting ready to eat dinner one night...

TULUM!! This is where we found the LDS guide. This place was right on the coast, and probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Tulum again.


Loving the waves

The whole crew!! We seriously had a blast...

Well that was basically the highlight of our summer!! We then got back, MOVED to a new apartment which we love so so so much, started observing in an awesome 9th grade classroom, working, going to school, and spending time with friends and fam! We are staying so busy, but loving life.

Here are some things I love about fall so far:
1. 9th graders
2. BSU Football
3. Pretty much any football
4. Wearing boots and scarves soon (if it would stop being 90 degrees...seriously)
5. having jamba juice so close
6. sue is having her baby soon!
7. getting to see utah friends
8. decorating pumpkins at work
9. running outside
10. Kayla won Homecoming Queen! pictures to come soon...

I still need to catch up on so many things, but we just had to give Mexico a shout out first. Love you guys!!