Sunday, October 18, 2009

Loving the Fall....

Our day at the PUMPKIN PATCH!!

Well, October is here and its AMAZING!! I love the fall, I love the trees, and the smells, and wearing scarves, and everything else!! Amy had a great idea to go to the Pumpkin Patch, and it was so fun!! Every single one of these pictures are backwards, so you get to see our entire day in reverse!! The pumpkin Patch was so fun, and they had mini-donuts, which I was really excited about!! You just hop on these huge hay tractor beds, and there are 15 acres of pumpkin fields! So you just get to jump off the tractor, pick out your pumpkin, and then get a ride back to the barn! We loved it and got some huge pumpkins!!

Max was so cute all day, and he really liked the jack-o-lanters!

The finished products.... AND i must say, everyone did so good, considering the fact that I personally broke both of the pumpkin knives, and everyone had to use STEAK KNIVES to carve their designs. Sorry guys...

Josh's pumpkin is on the left, and it weighs THIRTY SEVEN pounds!! crazy!! Then mine, she is a girl pumpkin with eyelashes and curls (NOT blood, Kayla...), then Jeff's flame pumpkin, and Amy's cute smiley one!!

Our pumpkins finally done!

Josh had a LOT of digging out to do, with his 37 pound pumpkin.

The Linder Farm Barn

The Boys and their finds...

Little Max and Amy

A pumpkin just his size!!

Josh, the hay ride wasn't that bad, right?!?

The Hay wagon

We have been loving fall, and have been able to do such fun things!

We love our apartment so much, and things are going really well. We basically watch football ALL the time, and Josh can't stop wanting it to snow. I am definitely NOT ready for that yet, but I do love the rain and fall weather.

Kayla went on a walk/jog with me, and we live right next to the greenbelt. The fall colors are just beautiful, and I feel so lucky to live here.

Anyway, things are great. We love our pumpkins!!